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Scarlett Johanssons Juice – that will turn you scarlet

With her unmistakable acting talent, seductive voice and sensual body, it is no wonder that Scarlett Johansson has had such an eventful 2016 to keep the fans thoroughly entertained! The thing about Scarlett Johansson is that she is extremely versatile. Earlier this year, she took on a role in the comedy “Hail, Caesar!” which is […]

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All About Natalie Dormer

Did You know that Natalie Dormer has visited Aokigahara, a very scary forest in Koshu, Japan? It is believed that the most desperate locals visit the forest to commit suicide. However, It is also known as a global tourist attraction. Natalie Dormer proved to be very brave by going in 5ft into the thickest to […]

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It really does seem these days, that it really does not take a lot for someone to be considered a celebrity, especially with the popularity of reality television these days, and the amount of different reality television shows there are around these days. Not going to lie, I absolutely love it. However, it is not […]