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All About Natalie Dormer

Did You know that Natalie Dormer has visited Aokigahara, a very scary forest in Koshu, Japan? It is believed that the most desperate locals visit the forest to commit suicide. However, It is also known as a global tourist attraction. Natalie Dormer proved to be very brave by going in 5ft into the thickest to take photos while her local driver wouldn’t set a foot off the path!

Natalie Dormer, an attractive 34 year old English actress from Reading, United Kingdom is known for her roles in major TV series including Game of thrones. She does not like reading her co-star story lines because she wants to be an audience member as a fan.

Being Genuine and honest, Natalie Dormer plays her roles easily as she is very concerned when it comes to the welfare of orphanage as she said in an interview.

From working on a temporary Data Entry job, Natalie Dormer is one of the highly recognized actresses in Hollywood playing major roles in famous films and TV series.

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